One-Of-A-Kind designs just for you

Kace Allen Designs has been designing custom homes in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years, building a wealth of knowledge about local building practices, codes and conditions.

Your home planning experience with Kace Allen Designs begins by meeting with us personally to thoroughly describe your desires and needs. We take the time to discuss these things with you in detail so we may create a floor plan and exterior design that will make your new house the home you desire. We invite you to make an appointment to get your dream home started today.

We develop your vision into a complete set of plans designed just for you.

We design homes for the Pacific Northwest. We specify correct wall thickness, insulation, materials, snow-load, and building practices that are standard in this region of the United States. Many “canned” house plan companies sell plans which do not meet the requirements of the Pacific Northwest, forcing buyers to have the plans “re-designed” for your region at additional cost. When you purchase a Kace Allen Designs custom home plan, you will not have that problem.

We Specialize In One-Of-A-Kind Designs Just For You

Having trouble finding a plan that fits your building site? Have us custom design a home that meets your needs and fits on your lot!

Everything you need to be ready for permit submission and approval.

Floor Plans- Clear, easy to read floor plans with all the information your builder needs without being cluttered or difficult to use.

Foundation Plan- Whether you want concrete stem walls, split-face cinderblock, or slab-on-grade construction, your plans will call out the correct materials and construction methods.

Framing Plans- your plans will clearly show how to assemble the floors and roof. Separate pages for these framing plans make for fewer mistakes by suppliers and contractors.

Elevations- views from each side of the home, clearly showing how it will look.

Cross-sections- through the interior of the home, showing critical connections and construction methods.

Site Plan- In order to receive a building permit, you must have a plan showing the location of the construction site,  property lines and dimensions, existing structures, well and septic locations, and more.

Details-  Additional details necessary to the construction of your home, as needed.