Kace Study: 40-ft wide floor plan


Recently I had a builder ask me if I had any home designs that would fit on a small lot he owned.

The home has to be no wider than 40 feet, and he wants a 1,500 sq ft design. I sent him some designs I had done in the past, but none of them really worked for him.


Here was his response:

“Sorry, none of these are really jumping out at me.   I know I want 3 bed, 2 bath 1500- 1600 sq ft.  I don’t like garages to sit too far in front of the porch. I don’t mind the porch sitting a little in front of the garage. Interior I want a great room, dining and kitchen (vaulted) that ties to rear covered patio. Walk-in closet, double vanity with shower only in the master. Prefer laundry off garage, but not a must. I prefer an island in the kitchen. Sorry for being so difficult!”


He’s not being difficult, and I see it as an opportunity to come up with an original design or two.  Starting with the maximum outside dimensions, I began working on a floor plan to address the criteria he asked for.

I began with the idea of having the kitchen in the front of the home. That allows for the Great Room to access the back patio, and if the owner doesn’t want a formal dinner table, the Dining area can be included in the Great Room. Then I started on the Master bath design, and the bedrooms.


Then I started over, this time with the Great Room in the front of the home.  I tried putting the kitchen between the Great Room and the Dining, but that cut the open space feeling and separated the rooms more than I think the client wants. I moved the kitchen next to the back patio, which should make outdoor entertaining much easier. I moved the Master Suite to the rear of the home, just so my client could see another option from the first design.


I sent both designs to my client, to see it either of these ideas works for him.


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