Kace Study: Kitchen and Laundry Redesign

A lot can be done to improve a space without adding to the size of a home.  In this Kace study we are showing a recent kitchen remodel we completed for one of our clients that shows how an improved layout can increase the usable space, aesthetics, and function of a room without adding to the square footage of the home.


The owners loved their home, but the kitchen felt small and cramped.  I came up with a new design that took advantage of the space they already had, just organized better.

The original design of the kitchen allowed no light into the workspace.


The Kitchen didn’t have any outside light in the original design, so I moved the laundry space to the interior and took advantage of the existing window and exterior door in the new kitchen layout.


The existing wall will become a half-wall behind the sink, making the kitchen more open to the dining and living room. We will re-use the existing appliances, helping to keep the budget for this project under control. The cooktop is on an exterior wall so that the vent doesn’t have to go through the room above or through the roof. Also, I added a trash compactor in the island at the customer’s request.


New overhead beams will support the room above where we removed a couple of walls.

The new layout provides more space and light to the kitchen.


The result is a more spacious kitchen with an outside window and door, and better connection to the dining and living room.

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